Good Morning
We still have snow for snow play. The weather service is calling for snow starting again this afternoon. So please make sure if you are coming up you are ready for winter travel conditions.
Mountain Hardware will open at 7am on this Saturday and Sunday. It will be very busy here because of the 3 day President weekend. So our suggestion is to arrive in town as early as possible. This will help you to miss most of the traffic and Have a GREAT day in the snow.


Happy Valentine Day
If you have the day off just say in bed. We are getting heavy rain since just after midnight.

Let wait until this storm passes and I will let you know how the conditions are in the snow play areas.

Stay dry today


Good Morning!
Snow Play is great today. Mostly everyone is back to school and work today so you will have the forest to yourself. Hwy 2 at Bigpines is still closed (no access to grassy hollow) but N4 is now open with plenty of room to play.
Stop by Mtn Hardware for a free snowplay map we will show you the best spots, we also have snow apparal (boots, gloves, pants, and beanies).

No chains required roads are clear.


2/9/19 6 am
We are getting snow in the snow play areas as of this morning.
If you are coming up make sure you come early as I talked about in yesterday’s post. Also make sure you and your car are prepared for winter travel conditions. Make sure you have tire chains and know how to install them and how to drive with them on. Tires chain are currently required in all the snow play areas.
We have received 3 plus feet of snow in the last 10 days so if you can not make up this weekend we have plenty to last for a few weeks.


2/8/195:30amIt looks like it will be a GREAT Day in the mountains today.It should be clear and cold it is about 20…

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It is beautiful day in the mountains.

With all the new snow this pasted week now is the time to come play in the snow during the weekdays. As this weekend will be a zoo with lots of skier/boarder and snowplow all congested in the same areas. Also because of the amount of snow we have received there will be less parking available. So the short version is: COME UP ON WEEKDAYS. That is the insiders secret.

The weather is great blue skies, light winds and temp is in the low 20’s

Stop by Mountain Hardware at 1390 hwy 2 Wrightwood, Ca. 92397. We can help you with info on where to go to find available land for snow play and answer your questions.


2/6/19Well the 6 day 4 storm cycle has passedWe received 2-3 feet of snow in the higher snow play areas. There is…

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Good Morning.
We received snow all night and it is still snowing. The weather service is saying the storm should end tonight.

We have plenty of snow in the snow play areas. So there is no rush to get here as the road conditions are still not very good. Tire chains are required from hwy 2 west bound to Wrightwood. So if you have to come make sure to stop and get your chains and know how to install them.
Chains are sold at the SHELL Station at the 15 and 138 24 hours a day. Also at MT TOP MINI MART at the 138 and Hwy 2 they will open today at 7:30 am.

Still better, I would just wait until the road are in better shape.

2/4/19 9am
I would suggest you wait until the weather clears to come up for a day in the snow. At this time you are required to have tire chains on your car or 4×4 with snow tires even to access Wrightwood both from 138 from the east or N4 from the west.
The weather service is saying we will have storms thru Wednesday this week. It looks like we will have plenty of snow plenty for snow play for a while.
If you do need to come up make sure you are ready for winter travel and have tire chains that fit you car and know how to install them. Chains are available at the Shell gas station at the I15 and 138 and also at Mt Top Mini Mart
Yahoo for WINTER


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