3/3/19 7am
Today is a beautiful day. Blue sky, temp. in the low thirty’s and there is still snow for snow play. Also all roads are open with NO tire chain controls coming in from the I15 on the east side.
There should not be a lot of traffic today so come on up and have a great day in the Mountains with you family.
If you have questions just stop by Mountain Hardware and we will help answer your questions.
Please make sure you purchase and Adventure Pass as you will need this in any of the public snow play areas.
Also please take minute and pick up any trash from your visit. If you stop and see us we will be happy to give you a trash bag for this purpose. Also on you way home to night just stop by the store and we will be happy to take the bag of trash from you so you do not have to take it home.
Hope you have a GREAT day with your family