Good Morning we received about 20″ of snow in the snow play areas this week. So the conditions area GREAT. The best this year and it is mid March YAHOO!!!!!!

The weather is blue sky with e temperature in the mid 20’s. Travel conditions NO tire chain are need to access the snow play areas. So come on up and enjoy the new snow, great weather and the long days as you can feel spring is in the air.

This new snow we received this week is not only perfect for sledding but is perfect for snow ball fights and building snowman. Please post you picture of snowmen and lets see who has the biggest, the most unusual and the funniest snowman.

Please remember to ONLY snow play and build your snowman on the open National Forest/Monument land. If you are unsure where these areas are please stop by Mountain Hardware 1390 Hwy 2 Wrightwood, Ca 92397. We can help direct you to the areas where you can play in the snow for just the cost of an Adventure Pass ($5.00).

Please always respect our area and always know where you can play also please help us by picking up and removing any thrash so it is a GREAT experience for the next user. You can always drop your bagged trash at Mountain Hardware on your way home.

Hope you have a Great day