Our Recent Hike Up Mt. Baden-Powell

Just the other day Mike, Gabby (our Vizsla) and I took a hike up Mt. Baden-Powell. We went relatively early to avoid the afternoon heat and just had the best time. It’s 4 miles up to the summit (with 41 switchbacks) and on top the views are spectactular. There is a monument dedicated to the Boy Scouts on top and a metal sign-in box. Take a moment to read who’s been up there and then sign it yourself. Keeps things interesting. On the summit ridge are 2000-year-old limber pines, with one of the largest being “Waldron Tree”. The elevation at the top is 9399′ with anĀ elevation gain of 2800′ from the parking lot at Vincent Gap, so take your time on the way up and bring plenty of water and snacks. As you can see from the pics, the afternoon thunder storms were visible to the East, so we headed down early, but not so soon that we didn’t enjoy the feeling of being on top of the world. Shawn